* We want to thank all of you who expressed their wish for the further existence of this site after Michael left this world. Of course we will continue our work and the site will be updated soon. We ask you for a bit more patience. Your FttF-Team*

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“What is essential is invisible to the eye”

Antoine de Saint Exupéry

"If you don't know much about a thing the missing lore often is replaced by prejudices."

Prof. Dr. Walter Bongartz


Dear visitor,

In order to read our homepage, to understand it and maybe to open up new points of view, it is actually not necessary to be a Michael Jackson-fan. Why, you ask? Because this is not what we would call a ‘normal’ fan club! Actually, ‘Fanship turns to Friendship - we care for Michael Jackson’ is no official fan club. We’re a lot of friends from all over the world who share the same feelings, the same goal and the same opinion. Here we meet to have fun together as well as to discuss and think about certain things.
What change did the 25th of June, the day Michael Jackson left this world made for us? As reported by the media, his death caused broad reactions. Not only his family, his friends and his fans mourned. No, after his death a flurry of sympathy seized the whole globe. Politicians, starting with Barack Obama to Nelson Mandela expressed their sympathy and honoured Michael Jackson as one of the greatest musicians of our time. In the whole world, from America to Europe, Africa and Asia commemorations took place. During the official memorial service friends and family offered the global public an aspect of a man they had never seen before. Suddenly, for a couple of weeks, before all the fights and rumours broke loose again Michael Jackson, the man who was over so many years again and again mistreated by the media, finally was what we of FttF and many other people had always seen in him. Finally he was just Michael, the son, the brother, the friend and most of all the father. It is disgraceful that he had to die in order to achieve this. But we actually knew this before. And he also knew it.

We have decided to create this website because our message should not be limited exclusively to fan-circles - though fans are our target group in the first place - but also reach the public to make them appreciate the human being that Michael Jackson was at least a bit. Having seen Michael at a couple of occasions, and having seen other people’s reaction to him (and treatment of him), we came to the conclusion that his situation had to be nearly unbearable for him as well as for all other people involved.
How would you feel if almost everything you do is misunderstood by the public, gets distorted and/or passed on wrongly? Can a human being - mind you a Human Being - be happy if he’s not able to simply go outside, in fact not even look out of the window without hysteria breaking out immediately and people losing all their self-control? Can you feel secure on the street, knowing that at every moment someone could rush up to you, scream at you, scratch you, grab you and paw you? Is it bearable to stand in the world’s spotlight 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and this for more than 30 years? How would you feel if the things and persons you love most are used against you, if you are presented as a maniac? And how would you feel if you had to read a report on how your kids can be taken away from you in the best way in the morning newspaper?

How long can a human being actually bear all that? Now we know.

It was the same with Michael Jackson. Loved, adored but yet mostly misunderstood, not even heard by some of his own fans, hated and haunted by the media and critics - that is the way his situation had to be described. Admittedly, it is unavoidable and understandable that there are controversial opinions about Michael Jackson as well - as there are about every other entertainer. But is it really necessary that even the slightest bit of respect, the right of privacy and the possibility to live in peace were absolutely forgotten when it comes to him? Was he really the horrifying monster the media proclaim him to be so passionately? And more important: What has he done to be treated this way?

Michael Jackson was a prisoner of his own fame. His behavior and his way of life were just the outcome of nearly 40 years of show business and of what WE made of him. It’s time to get aware of that and to understand it. And so our main goal is not to work for the fans like so many other fan clubs already do. Rather our goal is to do something for Michael, to make everyday people and media alike realize that he was a human being, and as such has the right to be treated with dignity and respect. In order to reach our goal, we work together with the help of reasonable fans and in friendly cooperation with as many fan clubs worldwide as possible.

Michael Jackson the human, the artist might be legency. His ideas, his music, what he caused in our hearts will live forever. Even today he moves the masses – maybe more than ever. This is why we continue to back our work. He leaves back 3 children, who are already now faced with all his problems. We know that his children were always most important to him, and he did everything to keep them save. Additionally we know that Michael still observes us and follows all of our ways. We'll not dissapoint him. More than ever this homepage shall be the beginning for what hopefully will be caused through it:

The will and the readyness to make a change!