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Herzlich Willkommen

Yet in the beginning: We’d like to give a ‘warning’ to you because first of all we’ll shower you with some hypotheses. Are we allowed to do that without you being totally frightened and leaving the site? Please, give us at least the chance to take you on a little trip of pictures and thoughts. Okay? Yes, let us play around a little with all kinds of ‘pictures’ and thoughts and let’s see what it will end up like …

Okay, then let’s go! First we want to ask you: why are you actually here? Maybe you are a fan and just curious about this site or you know one of us and want to see what we’re doing here in our free time (sorry, but to this two groups we won’t agree more closely. You can go on rummaging around but you don’t necessarily have to participate at our ‘thinking-work’!). Or you really entered by chance in having tipped in inadvertently. But sorry, this we don’t believe you! Or has it been that you lost way in the big world-wide web and then on our opening-page you were so fascinated by those eyes so that you thought: “Oh, what a nice young man – let’s have a look what this page is about!” Honestly, this we don’t believe either!

On the contrary, we proceed from the point that you think you’d know very well with whom you’re confronted here. Actually it’s about Michael Jackson. And who does not know Michael Jackson?! What would you answer to this question? Come on, you promised to consider a little! May it be that your answer was “Everybody knows Michael Jackson!” or “Well, maybe deeply in Africa there are some races which don’t know Michael Jackson.”
If you had answered something like that you’d have gone into our trap! Because really cheeky we claim that you know nothing about Michael Jackson, or almost nothing! Maybe you know the name, Michael Jackson, that may be. Or maybe you know this man here from the newspapers:


Or did you lately watch TV? Then for sure you know him:


Or have you actually been at one of his concerts? Then we suppose you to know him:


Or of course! Who wouldn't know him?!!!


And if you’re really well informed then you also know him, don’t you?


Is it true? Is the picture you’ve got of Michael Jackson something like that?


And if you’ve entered this side and are still here, then you’ll probably search for something. For information about Michael Jackson? Or for confirmations of what you already know about him? For proves for his nose-jobs? For chimps living in his house, or that he wants to change his gender or even that he abuses children?
For what exact reason you are here we don’t know, of course. We can only speculate. But for what reason this may be, we ask you to enter into what you’ll see here. And not only in this chapter but on our hole homepage! Maybe you’ll find things you had never supposed, maybe such you’ve never read in the newspapers. Maybe you’ll find something that will let you see some things differently, maybe it’ll move you, maybe even frighten — but go into it, just for a moment!
It doesn’t hurt to let your feelings speak for a while, it doesn’t hurt to set you free from everything for a moment and to come with us into a really different world. A world that yet maybe seems to be unknown and strange for you but actually is much closer and more familiar than you’d suppose it to be – a world in which there are many things and most of all many, many emotions …
And please don’t take your usual picture of ‘Jacko’ as a standard to compare everything with. Start from the assumption that there are still wonders in this world …

So, are you prepared to go into the ‘risk’ of the possibility of losing something familiar but instead win something different – maybe something much more beautiful?

Okay, then once again let’s go back to the question whether you know Michael Jackson. We already have seen what you supposedly know about him - ...him:


But do you also know him?


...or him?












Or even HIM?


Did you really look carefully? This is also Michael Jackson — ‘Wacko Jacko’ as people love to say. If you like to have another look on the pictures and just let them touch you for a moment …

We think that pictures tell you so much. And here we see nice, human pictures. Pictures which don’t have much left of a ‘Wacko’ and an ‘eccentric megastar’, but show a warm, living man like you and we are – well, we just start from the fact that you are a warm person who in his life also has felt something like love and affection. Because love, respect and humanity, that’s what we stand for.
But isn’t it the fact, that the picture the public has from Michael Jackson is a different one? One that belongs more to this sort we talked about earlier and that bases on distance, negative emotions, lack of understanding, mockery and yes, even scorn? At least this is the feeling we always have. And now we go away from the pictures which are really taken with cameras and go to those we carry with us in our hearts.
We all know that it’s very easy to deride someone you don’t know. And how often we heard words like “Michael Jackson? I just don’t like him!”?! And if the one who said that don’t have any argument he just meant: “He’s so strange …”
People always turn down others if they feel insecure themselves, if the other is unfamiliar. And this is the very reason we want to bring him closer to you. Then you can still decide whether in the end you want to accept or reject him.
We’d like to bring him closer to you because we claim that we really know him a little bit better. Why do we claim that? Maybe just because we were longer and more intensively busy with this man. So we also would not say that we could tell you what your cousin is like — or your brother! This we could never do, because we never were busy with him/her. There you’d be the expert in the same way we are here.
We know Michael Jackson’s life, we know his music, his lyrics, we know what he did and said during 40 years, we know what his friends have said about him and people who were or are in touch with him. Some of us have met him in person and in all those years we’ve seen his joy, his sorrows and his pain – yes, we shared it. Please give us the chance to tell you about our knowledge and experiences.

Just before we said that pictures tell you so much. Maybe you’d argue that there still is the first line of pictures which also expresses much. Sure, that’s very true! Once again look at them and wonder what you’d think about it.

So, and now we’re allowed to tell you what we can see in these pictures, okay?
First of all we see a man who hides behind a mask. And if it’s not a mask, than it’s sunglasses or a hat. But why does a man do something like that? To scare others? To be malicious? This we hardly can imagine. We rather see a man who hides from paparazzi, from nosy eyes and from malicious tongues which criticise and scrutinise everything in him. We see a soul which desperately tries to protect itself from cameras, flashes and all kinds of attacks. And this we really don’t consider to be ‘nasty’. Or would you disagree?

More over we see a man who can let out everything he is and everything he has on stage. There he bursts — almost like a balloon! Michael Jackson is an unbelievable gentle man. One who only rarely can live his aggressions — which are just natural feelings and which we all do have. He can scream and dance his joy, but also anger, sadness and all his pain out. Maybe this is the very reason he is that good – or even the best …?! This however explains very much, don’t you think?


And if you saw German biggest TV Show “Wanna bet..?!?” back in 1999, you maybe could also reproach to him that he behaves strange and somewhat clumsy from time to time. May be. But should we wonder about this? Michael Jackson is shy and in relationships to other people maybe a little awkward as well, that’s in his nature. We believe that we would be the same if we didn’t know this kind of relationship.
And if we knew that a) anyone stares at us as if we were extra-terrestrial beings and b) anyone who stares at us also wants to catch a glimpse of any part of us no matter the intention of this behaviour — may this be due to love, aversion, prospect of money - it’s after all simply the same.

Last but not least we see the human being who feels most comfortable when he is able to hug his children. He really looks happy then. Is this strange to you? We know many people who feel this way …


We have only summed up some examples and we have loads more of them.
But with this aspect we want to attract your attention. Attract you to enter a strange world, a world that you don’t know well and attract you to ‘pictures’ that can be interpreted really differently. Maybe you’ve got a little curious. If so, then we recommend you to also read through other texts on this homepage. Here, you will find answers to many others of your questions that we haven’t answered here and now. We haven’t answered many of your FAQ’s because we don’t want to repeat ourselves in our texts again and again.
But we can promise you that you know the human being Michael Jackson much better after having read our reports and essays and after having argued with at least some of our 'pictures'.
And if you don't know where to start we would like to point out that the essay "A message to the world - acquittal for Michael Jackson"  might interest you in a special way.

Furthermore, we as 'Fanship turns to Friendship' won't be dealing with such popular topics as hyperbaric chambers, apes or skin bleaching – it’s not that we don’t have an opinion on things like this, but we don’t want to creep on the same low level as the rainbow press does. We plead for your sympathy, for Michael Jacksons private life, his nose, his pets and his after-shave lotion definitely belong to his privacy – and even we as devoted fans are not allowed to question this. Only Michael himself is allowed to talk about these “allegations” and he has done this several times. While searching for the final truth, it is especially Michael’s opinion that isn’t paid attention to, as paradox as this may sound. So let us have him a voice as well! In the section 'Michael talks' you have a little summary of the things Michael Jackson has to say of his own.
You'll find statements, interviews, lyrics and speeches of the man who should know it best. If you believe him or not this is another question. But it is also questionable if you should prefer believing in the press and/or doubtful strangers, people who are not at all interested in the person Michael Jackson but who are only out for money or publicity. Well, surely the truth lies in the eye of the beholder…

Oh yes, talking of these things, there is still something more! Even though the topic of skin bleaching belongs to these private things, we would like to demonstrate you another possible term of thinking.
As we have seen, Michael has made some explicit statements concerning this problem, but there are still people who ask themselves whether he has bleached his skin because he didn't want to be black or not. Well, to make the final point in this, the answer is “no” and anyone who has thoroughly thought about this knows that this is the truth.
Nevertheless, let’s take into consideration to twist this question! Not to ask “Has he …, will he …, does he go …, what is he doing …?” but to ask oneself “What would lead someone to do something like this? What could lead a human being so far to harm himself in that way?”. This is a term of question you can also use for his nose jobs and every other thing that interests you. And we believe that the answers to these questions will be much more human because you start with taking the person’s soul into consideration and not his clumsy behaviour. For then, it starts to deal with mutual care and not with sheer doing and judging. For this still is not our task. Anyway, why have people made judging their favourite occupation? What is going better then? Would a single person in this entire world feel better if Michael Jackson was put into prison because of his nose job?! A simple question …

We have already told you that you can find some answers on this homepage, but certainly not all of them. But if you are so into one question so that it makes you stay up all night thinking about it, feel free to email us - for we could never cope with the thought that you might not get your beauty sleep! We are willing to share our knowledge with you 24/7.
Yet, this doesn’t mean that we will tell you even more rumours, it rather means that we will give you some hints to go into this or that direction and to think for yourself and to complete your own visions.
To think for others is not our duty – it is more than enough when the press tries to do this for whole nations. We, however, hold the view that one first of all should gather all kinds of available information and then should paint his very own picture of the topic — as coloured and friendly as possible. You are at the right address to start right away! All the other ‘information’ that you can read in the tabloids that is prepared and waiting for someone to believe in them is available at the next news-stand round your corner tomorrow. On this page, you have to do some more work, with your mind and heart.

After a long and thorough search, our team has found a picture of Michael Jackson that rather looks like this. And we are hopefully aware of the fact that we now talk about the soul of a human being!

We would be really pleased if you - one day - were also able to paint such a picture. But this is only up to you …


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